A comparative study of hinduism and christianity

Obviously, Buddha as avatar of Vishnu has no historical foundation. He was with God in the beginning. Reincarnation Astrology; mysticism; use of crystals; yoga; tarot readings; holistic medicine; psychic abilities; angelic communications; channeling; amulets; fortune-telling Works of a variety of New Age writersPhineas Parkhurst Quimby and others, late 19th century, USA.

While he was still on earth, the next avatar Ramachandra came and the two had to struggle. The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. Your Lord hath decreed mercy for Himself.

In contrast to Islam, Hinduism considers life in heaven and hell as temporary. Arjuna must fix his thoughts on the Lord Krishna, in order to attain Sadchitananda body, as it is promised by him: To one was presented the head of the elephant, to another the trunk, to another its ears, to another the leg, the body, the tail, tuft of the tail, etc.

In Christianity the idea of God becoming incarnate to save himself is absurd.

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However, rational proofs have to be considered because we are rational beings. Ironically in the 19th century, some Christian missionaries expressed their indignation at Indian pagans ringing Christian bells and burning Christian incense when in point of fact it was the Christians who were imitating the Indians.

God is the origin, abode and absorbing abyss of created beings. Barring the differences in the details, both religions believe in the ultimate destruction of the world and the rescue of the pious and the pure by God.

The analysis will survey and compare the following defining aspects of all world religions: A person may go to either heaven or hell or the world of ancestors, depending upon his or her deeds upon earth.

The Bhagavad Gita doctrine of lokasmgraha good of humanity and of Divine Incarnation influenced the Mahayana or the Northern school of Buddhism. And make two cherubim out of hammered gold at the ends of the cover.

The cooperation and true conciliation between the two nations may perhaps have to wait for longer due to the turn of events in the last few decades, but inevitable. The Indo-Sarcenic architecture is a prime example of the willingness on the part of Muslim rulers to come to terms with Indian culture and its religious value and on the part of the Hindus to participate in the creative expression of sublime catholicity, setting aside their personal beliefs and religious ethos.

Then they quarreled among themselves, each thinking that he was the only one right and the others were wrong. Who is a Hindu. While Christians maintained a lively and well-documented existence in the centuries after that, particularly in southern India, the size of the Christian population, as well as its geographical spread, began to increase dramatically after the arrival of European traders and missionaries in the late 15th century.

It is interesting that for over years, Hinduism went by many names but Hinduism. Hidden in the bosom of Islam are some of the finest and the best ideals of human life and religious aspiration, which also find their unmistakable expression in the core concepts of Hinduism, pulsating with vibrant energy, that are difficult to ignore even by a superficial glance.

Nobody can be persuaded or converted to one or another religious perspective only through rational proofs. There is to be no compulsion in religion. The Sufis practiced rigorous asceticism, under the guidance of a master, for intense purification leading to an awakening or enlightenment called marifah, that would eventually culminate in mohabbat or love for God and fanah, annihilation of the individuality by its dissolution in the all consuming love for God.

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of teaching love for one's neighbor despite religious differences see The Parable of the Good Samaritan. Over the centuries, Hindus and Muslims learned to live in peace and amity with each other to the extent possible, despite the gulf that stands between them, in the form of uncompromising religious beliefs and practices that are difficult to ignore.

However, the demon forgot to mention the boar in his list of gods, men and animals to which he could be invulnerable, so Vishnu took the form of a huge boar, descended into the ocean, killed the demon with his tusks, recovered the Vedas and released the earth.

Behold the many things which no one has ever seen or heard before. This was the "gift of God" Romans 6,23 as ransom for our sins, a chance offered to us to be set free from the power of Satan and sin. In its new version, Barlaam was a Christian monk who had converted Josaphat the name was a linguistic development from the word Bodhisattva -- one capable of Buddhahood.

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Hinduism is the only religion which accepts atheism. Rites Seven sacraments: Baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, penance, anointing of the sick, holy orders, matrimony (Catholic and Orthodox).

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Third, the “comparative study of Hinduism” that we have outlined in this introduction has come under fierce criticism in various academic circles in the early 21st century such as postcolonial theory, subaltern studies, feminist theory, and so on. The comparative analysis presented here is focused on Christianity and the major Eastern religions, especially Hinduism and Buddhism, because they play a major role in defining today's world spirituality.

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A comparative study of hinduism and christianity
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Comparative Religion - The divine incarnation in Hinduism and Christianity