Marketing strategies of dawlance and lg

Wherever Dawlance dealer is, there you'll find Dawlance workshop or either franchise workshop to take care of service need.

LG MARKETING | Bruxelles

What can we offer them It provide reliable quality after sales service to its customers. The main Objectives are to provide dependable and reliable product at reasonable price to majority of Pakistanis and to enhance their quality of Life.

Where are the gaps, the weak points, the fudges, and the point of excellence The quality of the products is unique and wonderful and it can get the attention of clients. Just to understand the marketing strategies in general and refrigeration market in particular, one should know that what marketing strategies ought to be.

The company wants to provide its products to its clients at fewer rates than its competitors in the market. Since LG is a multi-national brand, their spending on advertising is in such a way that their all product get promoted.

Mostly they import from Korea and some of the models are imported from China as well. Free service in spare parts under normal use.

Distribution Strategy Quick delivery-In order to provide quick and timely delivery to their dealers: In order to provide quick and timely delivery to their dealers: Further, it gives customer a direct benefit in shape of price reduction.

Promotion LG electronics has adopted the effective promotional advertisement for its products. G lacks and the competitors exploits the situation Overall we can say that L. The company is meeting the requirements of its clients and it will ensure the target marketing by provision of its products in the markets of newly developed economies.

In its earlier avatar, the Korean company came to India as Lucky Goldstar. How well is our market research working.

LG’s Brilliant Marketing Strategy

Its refrigerator Factory is located in Hyderabad. The market is an untapped one for LG. It is very important that every company considers its macro-environment before the marketing process.

In its branding strategy, LG has focused on creating a strong and differentiated brand identity. As it has been mentioned earlier that LG has got market of refrigerators only in big cities and some of its big towns in Pakistan.

The problem is that consumers do not think that LG has that much value and hence prefer to buy other brands. In response to intensifying global warming issues, LG Electronics is actively producing ecofriendly products. Present Market Share of L. Consumer electronics usually find application in entertainment, communications, and office productivity.

Where are the gaps, the weak points, the fudges, and the point of excellence Further, as far as Sales Promotion strategy is concerned, it is being designed and implemented by their respective agent of each product in Pakistan.

In-fact these all parties contribute only 20% of the market requirement. The above all are direct competitors of Dawlance and LG.

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Marketing Strategy of LG

"Marketing Strategies of Dawlance and L.G Refrigerator" vBefore discussing the marketing strategies of Dawlance and L.G, first we will go through the profiles L.G.

Marketing Department is a core competency of LG electronics in Pakistan and Marketing department is playing a vital role for the reputation of company across the company and this is proved to be a strong point for LGE in Pakistan.

Transcript of Dawlance is the No.1 home appliance brand of Pakistan. PERCEPTUAL MAP PERCEPTUAL MAP Improve marketing strategies as many times people do not know about their innovations GROWING DAWLANCE COMPETITORS Haier PEL Orient LG.

Read a detailed analysis of the marketing and branding strategies used by the famous consumer electronics brand LG. LG Marketing and Branding Strategy. the brand’s pricing strategy is also a critical part of its marketing strategy. LG is a futuristic brand, focused on innovative technology, bringing great and unique products to the.

Local & International TV Market III. TVCs A. Samsung B.

Marketing Strategies of Dawlance and Lg

LG C. Sony D. Nobel E. Dawlance IV. Dawlance TV Range V. Dawlance Vs Competitors VI. Brand Positioning3. Dawlance I. Dawlance Strategy II. Reasons for Dawlance TV failure4. "Marketing Strategies of Dawlance and L.G Refrigerator" The study is based on the comparison of marketing strategies applied in LG.

in India and Pakistan,we will closely observe that what are the drawbacks and what are strong points of LG in both the markets. We will also see that what kind of competition LG is facing in both the .

Marketing strategies of dawlance and lg
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