Women s gender and sexuality studies cross cultural

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Topics will include women as composers and performers, and the cultural values that have affected women's participation in musical life. Post-modern influence[ edit ] The emergence of post-modernism theories affected gender studies, [18] causing a movement in identity theories away from the concept of fixed or essentialist gender identity, to post-modern [41] fluid [42] or multiple identities.

A degree in WGSS opens the door to a variety of challenging careers in a wide spectrum of occupations. Students may be surprised at the gendered aspects of both movements.

Practice implications of various forms of family violence and sexual assault with an emphasis on women as victims and survivors. Students may be surprised at the gendered aspects of both movements. Minor Requirements While this site outlines the current requirements to satisfy active minors, the Office of the Registrar strongly urges students to work closely with their academic advisors to ensure that they meet all graduation requirements.

Special attention will be paid to how the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender impact the experience of, and public and political response to, sexual violence. Women's roles are examined in the context of social institutions such as the family, the economy, and the government.

Grand theoretical schemes like the "melting pot" are critiqued for their relevance in an age of new cultural expectations among the many American ethnic groups. Offered every two or three years. It also examines the politics of motherhood in US history, and considers both the restrictive and the empowering dimensions of ideologies of motherhood.

Central to the consideration of gender are the ways class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and ability shape the female and male experience. Department approval is necessary to apply more than three credits toward the WS minor. Not more than six credits for the Internship Program may be applied to the minor.

Various topics in sexuality studies, including the relationship between gender and sexuality and between queer studies and women's and gender studies.

Psychoanalytic theory[ edit ] A number of theorists have influenced the field of gender studies significantly, specifically in terms of psychoanalytic theory. Students will have the opportunity to analyze and deconstruct music lyrics, music videos and movies.

Approved graduate courses in other departments 8 WGS or other department graduate course 4 24 1 Indicates a variable-credit course. Introduction to Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Multidisciplinary, relational explorations of the histories, theories, cultures, and lives of U.

It will also examine the varied experiences of women, with attention to the gendered dynamics of family, work, sexuality, race, religion, socioeconomic class, labor, and feminism.

Fosters the skills to create complex cinematic analyses and explore feminist theoretical issues related to spectatorship. Students will engage in the process of strategizing, whatever the issue gender bias, racism, homophobia, environmental degradation, disability biasand whatever the setting a workplace, neighborhood, campus, or beyond.

We examine how rap has evolved over time and how consumerism and capitalism have influenced Hip Hop culture. Additionally, we will place these women's narratives into historical and social contexts to understand how these factors influence these women's texts.

Using an interdisciplinary approach, this course will provide students tools with which to critically analyze film as a cultural product, with a specific focus on representations of gender and justice. A maximum of 3 hours may apply to the major or minor.

Gender studies

How can we fix this problem. Advanced examination of literature by women. The course will also use in-depth personal narratives and a focus on grassroots social movements to witness how women resist workplace policies and domestic laws to campaign for their rights, despite cultural and political constraints.

Repeatable twice when topic changes for a maximum of 12 credits. In this course, we will discuss the origins of Hip Hop culture and its four basic elements break dancing, rap, djing, and graffiti art.

Offered Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. WGS Window on Women's, Gender and Sexual Studies. (1 h) An opportunity to experience and reflect analytically in writing on the diverse cultural and intellectual life of Wake Forest, with an emphasis on women’s, and gender, and sexuality studies events and topics.

Sexuality, Women's & Gender Studies SWAGS is a cross-disciplinary exploration of sexuality and gender and their intersections with race, class and nation. It is also an inquiry into the material, cultural and political lives of women.

Course descriptions. The Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program is a flexible interdisciplinary academic program devoted to pursuit of knowledge concerning women and the critical analysis of the production of gender and sexuality within transnational and cross-cultural contexts.

Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGS) Note: Cross-listed courses are available in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. For more information, consult the listing in the appropriate department. Women’s studies is an interdisciplinary field of research and teaching that places gender at the center of inquiry.

Central to the consideration of gender are the ways class, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, age, and ability shape the female and male experience.

Women's and Gender Studies Curriculum. Women's and Gender Studies Curriculum. Biosocial Aspects of Female Sexuality WGST Gender, Space and Identity SOCI Political Economy of the Family Cross Cultural Studies of Women and Gender (one course required): WGST Gender, Culture, and Transnationalism.

Women s gender and sexuality studies cross cultural
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